The quality and efficiency of the Galician Public Health System depends directly on the competences of its professionals. The continuous improving and acquiring of new skills are essential to maintain and optimise the excellent levels of its health services.

In this context, the Health Knowledge Agency not only combines all the competences of the former Galician School of Health Administration (FEGAS), but also seeks to take a qualitative step by means of open innovation to improve management and to open up new forms of training for professionals.

It acts at all health professionals’ training levels once university studies finalise, which range from traineeship and specialisation to continuous new knowledge acquisition for the healthcare exercise, and also for research and innovation tasks.

Training forms, which are always open to new formulae being included, cover all kinds of channels, come in many formats and offer a wide range of knowledge sources, and rely on the necessary documental support and a thorough system that accredits activities.


Agencia de Conocimiento en Salud (ACIS)

La Agencia de Conocimiento en Salud (ACIS) es una entidad pública gallega creada con la vocación de convertirse en el elemento nucleador del ecosistema de conocimiento e innovación en salud en Galicia.